Reasons Your Child May Need An X-Ray

When you take your child to the family dentist in Clifton NJ, you’ll hope that it’s for a routine check-up.  During this check-up, the dentist will deep clean your child’s teeth to remove built-up plaque.  Sometimes, however, the family dentist in Bloomfield NJ notices something out of the regular.  When this happens, they may recommend an X-ray of their mouth.  Here are some of the reasons for needing an X-ray.


Reasons for an X-Ray

  1. Tooth Decay – This is one of the most common reasons for X-rays in children.  Although tooth decay can be seen on the surface of their teeth, X-rays help us identify how much of the decay has spread within the tooth.
  2. Misalignment – Misaligned teeth can grow in that way, or they can also form as a result of childhood habits.  This can cause problems with chewing, speaking, and breathing, as well as increase the risk of tooth decay.
  3. Extra Teeth – X-rays can detect extra teeth that haven’t broken through the gums yet.  This extra tooth can cause issues in the future, so the family dentist in Clifton NJ will discuss a treatment plan with you, if necessary.
  4. Impacted Teeth – Impacted teeth are teeth that have been blocked from breaking through the gums.  Since the X-ray shows the entire tooth, it can find dental problems below the gum line as well. 
  5. Other reasons include: infections, cysts, tumors, missing teeth, bone injuries, and bone disease.


X-rays may seem intimidating, but they’re necessary to make a treatment plan.  They also help the family dentist in Bloomfield NJ identify problems early-on, which can prevent complications.

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