Tips To Pulling Your Child’s Loose Tooth

Children usually start losing their teeth around the age of 6.  During this time, you may be wondering what role you should be playing during the process.  Are you supposed to let the teeth fall out naturally?  Pull them out?  We’ve all seen the clip of the kid tying his tooth to a door and pulling his loose tooth out, but we don’t necessarily recommend that route.  In general, we suggest letting the teeth come out naturally, but sometimes they need a little help.  Sometimes it’s as easy as having them eat an apple or brushing their teeth to loosen the tooth.  If you’re tempted to pull the tooth out yourself, though, you should follow these steps.  (Related topics: family dentist in Bloomfield NJ, family dentist Clifton NJ)


How To Pull A Loose Tooth 

  1. Your hands and nails contain a lot of bacteria, so make sure to wash your hands beforehand.  Next, use a clean tissue to wiggle the tooth back and forth.  If the tooth is ready to come out, you shouldn’t have to use a lot of force.
  2. Once you pull it out, apply pressure to the area with a clean gauze if there’s any blood.  The blood should stop after a couple of minutes.
  3. After that, examine the area to make sure it was a clean process.  If there are any fragments of tooth stuck, you should call your family dentist in Montclair NJ.
  4. If you and your child believe in the tooth fairy, don’t forget to tell your child to leave the tooth under their pillow!


This may be a little uncomfortable for your child, but they shouldn’t experience any excessive pain.  If they do, it may mean that they have an infection.  If this happens, schedule an appointment with your family dentist in Montclair NJ as soon as possible.

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