Dentists Vs. Pediatric Dentists

We’re all familiar with the job of a dentist and how important it is to have regular checkups with them.  For those of us that have kids, we should aim to continue this routine of maintaining their oral hygiene.  When we’re searching for the right dentist, of course we want to choose the best option for our children.  After your search, you’ll probably find that pediatric dentists in West Orange NJ are more suitable for treating kids than regular dentists, but why?


To understand the difference, let’s discuss the difference in education between the two.  To start, dentists have 4 years of undergraduate education and then 4 years of dental school.  Family dentists in Bloomfield NJ, on the other hand, have a different background.  Although they have to obtain their DMD or DDS degree just like regular dentists, they also have to take a post-graduate pediatric residency program, which usually takes around 2 to 3 years.  During this extra training, they’ll focus on topics such as pediatric sedation, children’s orthodontics, child development, and more.


Many people also ask what age their child should stop going to the family dentist in Bloomfield NJ.  Usually, we treat our patients from birth through their young childhood.  It depends on what your child is comfortable with, but usually our patients change dentists around the age of 18.


Although dentists and pediatric dentists in West Orange NJ both have extensive experience, pediatric dentists are more qualified to treat children.  Not only are they well-trained in treatments, but in working with children as well.  At Sparkles Dentistry for Children, we try to make the environment in our office as comfortable as possible for your child.  This can be seen through our decorations, accommodations, and our friendly staff.


If you have any questions over our services, feel free to contact us at Sparkles.  Our staff will gladly answer any of your questions and set up your next check-up.

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