5 Things We Want You To Know

At Sparkles Dentistry For Children, we’re experts in children’s dentistry.  The advantage of your child going to a pediatric dentist in West Orange NJ is that pediatric dentists have education and special training in children’s teeth.  This not only includes dental services, but dealing with children as well.  This means we are all trained to make your child feel as comfortable as possible, while explaining complex topics in an easy-to-understand way.  With our experience, we have noticed that there are some recurring misunderstandings about maintaining your child’s oral health, which is why we’ve put together 5 things that we want you to know.

Brush and Floss Every Day

Everyone is told that they should do this, but not everyone does this.  All of us, including children, should floss and brush our teeth at least twice a day for two minutes.  One of the problems that children usually have is that they don’t brush their teeth for long enough.  This could be because they get bored, try to rush through it, or just stop too early on accident.  To resolve this, there are toothbrushes with songs that last two minutes, or they can also use a timer.

Lead By Example

Children are very influenced by what they’re exposed to.  If they see their older siblings or parents not maintaining their oral health, there’s a good chance that they won’t be motivated to either.  

Use Flouride When Necessary

Fluoride helps teeth by making them stronger and more resistant to acid, therefore helping to prevent cavities.  Many times, pediatric dentists in West Orange NJ will use flouride on your child’s teeth, but you can also purchase toothpaste and mouthwash that contain fluoride.  Be careful, though, because too much fluoride can cause fluorosis (permanent discoloration of teeth).

Mouth Guards Should Be Used In Contact Sports

Many times, children and adults don’t wear mouthguards when they play sports.  This can have consequences, however, as contact sports can cause facial and dental trauma.

Go To Your Dentist Every 6 Months

When your child goes to the dentist, the dentist will deep clean their teeth.  By removing built-up plaque, they prevent tooth decay, as well as other complications.  Your child’s dentist can also monitor how your child’s teeth are growing and if they see any tooth decay forming, which is easier to treat early-on.

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