Negative Impacts of Cavities

Cavities, otherwise known as tooth decay, are damaged areas in the surface of teeth that turn into tiny holes or openings.  They are often caused by bacteria in the mouth, a sugar-filled diet, or even not maintaining your oral hygiene.  Cavities have become so common that many people don’t realize how much damage they can actually cause.  When people get cavities, usually they can just go to the family dentist in Bloomfield NJ and get them removed.  Although it’s completely normal for your kid to get cavities, it should be avoided, if possible.  This is because cavities can impact their life in ways that most don’t often realize.  Here are some of the impacts that cavities can have on your child.


Cavities can lead to loss of baby teeth; even worse, though, they can also damage permanent teeth.  It could also make your child vulnerable to gum disease throughout their life.  Aside from oral health, cavities can actually impact your child’s overall health.  This is because cavities can lead to infections, poor sleeping habits, and even chewing difficulties.

Intellectual Development

Cavities can lead to poor speech articulation, poor school performance, and missed school.  Cavities may also lead to inattention in school, as the pain from the cavity can be distracting.

Social Development

Many don’t realize, but cavities can even affect your child’s social development.  This is because cavities can cause low self-esteem, teasing from others, and even reluctance to speak.

All things considered, cavities should be avoided at all costs.  They can be avoided by helping your child maintain a healthy oral routine.  This should include brushing and flossing twice a day, having a healthy diet, and visiting your family dentist in Clifton NJ every 6 months.  The family dentist in Bloomfield NJ will remove built-up plaque, reducing the chance of getting a cavity.  Additionally, the family dentist in Clifton NJ can identify any cavities; the sooner they are identified and treated, the less impact they will make.

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