Why Are My Kid’s Gums Bleeding?

When your child is getting older, they will have to go through different kind of growing pains.  In their mouth, specifically, they will grow in their baby teeth, lose their baby teeth, and then gain their permanent teeth.  This may not be the most comfortable experience, but it’s unavoidable.  Something that should try to be avoided, however, is gum issues.  It’s okay for your child’s teeth to bleed every so often, but if they’re continuously experiencing this, you should see your family dentist in Clifton NJ.  This article identifies some of the causes and treatments for gum bleeding.


  • It’s possible that your child’s gums are bleeding if your child is brushing their teeth too hard. You can try to talk to them about being gentler, and you can also make sure that they are using soft toothbrushes, as opposed to hard.
  • The bleeding could also be due to an injury to their gum tissue. These injuries can be due to different things: hard falls, sport injuries, eating food that’s too hot, or other accidents.
  • The worst case scenario is that their gums are bleeding as an early sign of periodontal disease. This is due to poor oral hygiene.


  • If the bleeding is continuous, you should rinse your child’s mouth out with warm salt water and then apply light pressure to the area. If the bleeding doesn’t stop, you should make an appointment with your family dentist in Bloomfield NJ so that they can examine the area.
  • If the bleeding is due to bad oral hygiene, it’s super important that you improve their oral hygiene routine. If you don’t, it can cause serious health problems now, as well as later on in life.  One way to ensure that they’re maintaining their hygiene is monitoring their routine.  You should make sure that they are brushing and flossing their teeth at least twice a day, maintaining a healthy diet, and seeing a family dentist in Clifton NJ every 6 months.  The reason that seeing a family dentist in Bloomfield NJ is so important is that they will remove any built-up plaque in your child’s teeth; they can also offer advice on how to improve their hygiene.

If your child’s gums continually bleed, you should set an appointment with our family dentist in Clifton NJ.

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