Advantages of Braces

After your child goes through the process of growing in their baby teeth, losing them, and then getting their permanent teeth, you may be happy when it’s finally over.  When they have their permanent teeth, you need to continue the same hygiene process that you were doing before.  The last thing you want them to do is get tooth decay on their new teeth.  Although this may be the end of the process for some, many people choose to continue the process by getting braces.  If you’re unsure if your child should get braces, you should consider the many advantages that they bring. 


Advantages of braces

  • Improved ability to chew food – Braces align the jaws and teeth, making it easier to chew food.  When the food is chewed better, it also improves digestion.
  • Reduce the need of speech therapy – Sometimes speech problems are caused by misalignment.  This means that braces may actually help your child’s speech to improve.
  • Easier to keep clean – By eliminating the gaps and straightening out any crooked parts, it makes them easier to floss and brush.
  • Reduces cavities – Since they’re easier to clean, it helps to reduce cavities.  This is one of the best advantages to braces, because tooth decay can lead to other health problems as well.
  • Reduce grinding of teeth – Since braces improve jaw placement and overcrowding of teeth, your child is less likely to grind their teeth after they have braces.
  • Beautiful smile – We can’t forget this one!  Your child may not necessarily care about what their smile looks like at a young age, but they’ll thank you later.  Having a beautiful smile will make them feel proud of their teeth, while also improving their confidence.

Our family dentist in Clifton NJ recommends that everyone considers getting braces.  If you want to speak to our family dentist in Clifton NJ about your options, don’t forget to book an appointment.

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