What to Do if Your Child Gets a Teething Rash

Teething is the process in which a child’s teeth starts breaking through their gums.  This usually occurs when a child is between 6 months and 24 months of age and can carry on for a year or more.  The common symptoms of this is loss of appetite, irritability, difficulty sleeping, excess drooling, and a rash around the mouth.  This rash is called a teething rash.  Since babies will produce more saliva while they’re teething, the digestive enzyme found in their saliva can cause a rash on their face, as well as their neck and chest.  This rash will appear as bright red, textured splotches and bumps on the child’s skin, and may have a foul smell.

Teething is an already uncomfortable experience for children, and the teething rash will only make the situation worse.  If your child is teething, you should be aware of how to prevent and treat this rash.  (Related topics: pediatric dentist in West Orange, NJ)

Preventing the Rash

The most effective way to prevent a teething rash from occurring is by keeping your child’s skin as dry as possible.  You can do so by having them wear a bib or by wiping the drool or food from their mouth constantly.  Make sure to do so gently, and with a clean cloth so that you don’t aggravate their skin.  You should also be cautious of their pacifier use, as the pacifier will cause saliva to form around their mouth.  You may want to restrict their pacifier use, or get rid of it altogether.

Treating the Rash

Sometimes the preventative measures aren’t always successful, which is perfectly normal.  If your child gets a teething rash, continue to do the same measures that you were doing to prevent the rash.  In addition, you should purchase healing ointment, which will act as a barrier between your child’s skin and their drool.  You can ask your family dentist in Clifton NJ which ointment that they recommend.  You should also avoid using scented lotion, perfumes, and laundry detergent, as they will irritate the area.

If you’re concerned about your child’s teething rash, make sure to visit your family dentist in Clifton NJ.  The family dentist in Clifton NJ will examine the rash and make other treatment suggestions.

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