Some of the Complex Conditions that a Pediatric Dentist Can Treat

Pediatric dentists are dental health professionals that specialize in providing treatment to children and adolescents. The most common reasons that pediatric dentists receive young patients are for regular dental exams and teeth cleanings. These are routine checkups that are necessary to help your children achieve proper dental health. However, sometimes children don’t regularly visit their local pediatric dentist in Caldwell, NJ, or don’t have good dental health habits. This can lead to complex dental health issues. The good news is that a pediatric dentist in West Orange, NJ, can help with a variety of more serious conditions too.

Here are some of the oral health conditions that pediatric dentists treat:

Dental Infections

Dental infections are a serious condition that needs to be dealt with by using antibiotics. The source of the infection needs to be located and removed. A root canal may be necessary. Taking your children to the pediatric dentist in Bloomfield, NJ, is a great way to avoid dental infections entirely.

Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is a more common issue that pediatric dentists can assist with. Thanks to high-sugar food and drinks that kids love to consume, tooth decay is a real risk for all children. A pediatric dentist in Clifton, NJ, will numb the affected area and remove the portion of the tooth that is decayed. After that, a filling is applied to complete the restoration. You definitely want a professional pediatric dentist that you trust working on these types of procedures.


Sometimes, a baby tooth is so infected or damaged that it needs to be extracted. A pediatric dentist can remove teeth with precision and skill so that your child gets relief from their dental issues fast. The pediatric dentist will normally provide pain medication to the children during extraction so that the procedure is completely pain-free.

Dental-Related Damage

Kids are full of energy and always want to explore the world before them. This can lead to accidents and tooth damage. A great pediatric dentist in Caldwell, NJ, can help with dental-related damage too.

The three dental health issues mentioned above are all the reasons why you should find a great pediatric dentist for your kids. You never know when a serious dental health issue might come up. Also, regular visits to the pediatric dentist in Bloomfield, NJ, can help you prevent any of these issues from ever occurring.

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