Foods That Are Secretly Bad For Your Child’s Teeth

Tooth decay forms when bacteria breaks down the enamel in your teeth.  Most people have experienced this at some point in their life, especially when they were young.  The reason that kids are vulnerable to tooth decay is because they are not only learning how to maintain their hygiene, but their diet isn’t always the best.  Food and tooth decay are very closely related because acid is produced when the bacteria in their mouth breaks down sugar.  The acid then dissolves the tooth’s surface, beginning the first stage of tooth decay.

All things considered, it’s important that your child has a healthy and balanced diet.  We have all probably heard that we need to maintain their consumption of candy, ice cream, cake, and whatever other sugary foods that they eat.  Although it’s true, there are some other foods that you should be cautious of as well.  (Related topics: family dentist Bloomfield NJ, family dentist Montclair NJ)


Foods that are Bad for Your Child’s Teeth

  • Citrus Fruits – Citrus fruits have a lot of acidity, which is why you should be cautious of your child’s consumption of them. They’re a threat because the acid can erode tooth enamel.
  • Bread, Chips, and Pasta – Your child should brush their teeth after they eat starchy food. If they don’t, it will convert into sugar while it’s stuck in their teeth.
  • Ice – Some kids, and people, enjoy chewing on ice throughout the day. Although it won’t convert into sugar like starch, the hard surface can chip your child’s teeth.
  • Sports Drinks – Many parents get in the habit of giving their children sports drinks after their game or throughout the day. Although it’s considered a “healthy alternative”, these drinks are packed with sugar.
  • Dried Fruits – Dried fruits did a great job at marketing themselves as a healthy snack. When fresh fruits are dried out, though, they lose their water and other healthy nutrients, turning them into sugary, chewy snacks to get stuck in your child’s teeth.


All of the foods listed above are delicious; which is why we’re not expecting you to give them up completely! All we want is for you to recognize that if eaten in excess, they can negatively impact your child’s teeth.  Aside from having a balanced meal, make sure to visit our family dentist in Clifton NJ.  Our family dentist in Clifton NJ will deep clean your child’s teeth and also check for any early signs of tooth decay.

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