How to Keep Your Child’s Teeth White

Everyone knows that first impressions are very important. Although looks aren’t everything, someone can look at another person and instantly be able to know more about their personality. Do they like bright, colorful clothes? Do their shirts have superheroes all over them? Additionally, a smile says a lot about a person. For that reason, you should aim to keep your children’s teeth white. Although they may not care about how white their teeth are right now, they’ll thank you in the future. To better understand how to keep their teeth white, you should know what causes yellow teeth and how to prevent it. (Related topics: pediatric dentist West Orange, NJ, family dentist Bloomfield NJ)


A big part of teeth’s appearance has to do with the enamel. This is the exterior of the tooth, so it’s often stained by too much soda or sweets. This damage isn’t permanent; it can be recovered from whitening treatments and maintaining a good oral hygiene routine. The dentins, on the other hand, is the interior of the tooth and age just like the rest of the body. If the dentin gets discolored, it’s nearly impossible to reverse. The only way to prevent it is by brushing and flossing and seeing your family dentist in Clifton NJ every 6 months. This is why it’s so important to maintain their teeth at a young age.

How to Prevent Premature Yellowing

As mentioned, you can prevent this by maintaining their oral hygiene routine. Your next priority should be protecting the dentin. One way to protect them is by making sure that your child doesn’t grind their teeth, as this can wear down their teeth. In addition, a poor diet, not eating enough, and taking certain medications can speed up the aging of their dentin.

Kids will be kids; they’re going to eat sweet, sticky foods. And that’s totally okay! They can still have a beautiful white smile as long as they have balanced diet, maintain their oral hygiene, and see a family dentist in Clifton NJ every 6 months.

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