The Pros and Cons of Pacifiers

Is there anything cuter than a baby happily sucking on their pacifier? Pacifiers can be great for helping your kids deal with being cranky and provides them with a way to entertain themselves. However, too much pacifier time can actually present some dental health risks that you probably want to be aware of. That’s why we have prepared the following article which details the pros and cons of pacifiers. If you have any questions about pacifier use or dental health, you can always reach out to the pediatric dentist in West Orange, NJ, today.

The Pros of Pacifiers

One of the biggest pluses to using pacifiers is that it can provide infants with an instant source of comfort. There’s something that babies love about their pacifier, so relying on them when your child is crying or upset can be a great option. Also, babies that use pacifiers will tend to sleep more deeply. They also won’t get woken up as easily with a pacifier, which is huge for those parents that are up all night trying to help their baby sleep. These are certainly compelling reasons to provide your baby with a pacifier, but there are some downsides as well.

The Cons of Pacifiers

Although a lot of parents rely on pacifiers to keep their kids happy and quiet, they probably aren’t aware of the cons. Pacifiers can seem harmless at first, but the truth is that they can lead to some big problems. Ask any pediatric dentist in Verona, NJ, whether or not pacifiers are right for kids and they will probably let you know that you should be very careful with them. Pacifiers can actually lead to issues with the growth and development of a child’s mouth and teeth. It can literally change the shape of the roof of your child’s mouth if you let them use it for a long period of time. Pacifiers also are known to increase the risk of acute middle ear infections and can lead to teeth alignment issues too. Make sure you keep these risks in mind if you find your child becoming reliant on a pacifier.

The bottom line is that pacifiers can be beneficial as long as you regulate your child’s time with them. Too much time with a pacifier can cause serious problems for your child’s dental health, so keep that in mind!

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