What Is the Right Age for Kids to Start Flossing?

Every parent knows how important proper dental health habits are for their children. That includes brushing twice daily and regular flossing. However, you might be wondering what the best age to start your kids out with a flossing routine is. Helping your kids learn to floss the right way is absolutely crucial to helping them achieve great dental health. Below, we will be discussing the best age for your kids to start flossing and provide you with a few practical tips for helping them to learn. Remember that taking your kids to the pediatric dentist in West Orange, NJ, is a great way to help your children learn about dental health too.

Whenever your child has their baby teeth, you should start helping them with brushing. However, flossing really isn’t necessary until their teeth have grown in close together. The most common ages for children to start flossing are between 2 and 6 years old. However, you can always talk to your pediatric dentist in Clifton, NJ, if you’d like some advice for your child. Everyone’s situation is different, which means if your child is on the younger side, you will have to floss for them. If your child is old enough to floss by themselves, you should still monitor and keep an eye on how they are handling the task. You want them to learn the proper way to floss from a very young age.

If you notice that your child’s gums are bleeding after they start flossing, don’t worry. It’s natural for gums to bleed when they are starting the habit. After a few days of the new habit, the bleeding gums should subside. If you notice that your child’s gums are still bleeding after a week of flossing, contact your kid’s dentist in West Orange, NJ, as soon as you can. This could be a sign of gum disease or gingivitis.

Flossing lessons should be an important dental health task for every parent. Once you think your child is of the right age to start flossing, help them learn the right way to do it. The goal is to help your kids form a life-long habit that will always keep their mouths healthy. If you need help teaching your children how to floss or would like some professional advice, reach out to your pediatric dentist in West Orange, NJ, for assistance.

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