The Top 4 Cavity-Causing Foods for Kids

As a parent, you have direct control over what your child’s diet consists of. That means any sugary and sticky foods that might cause cavities for your children should be regulated and off-limits most of the time. We understand it can be tough, especially because children love to eat these types of foods, but it’s up to you to stay diligent. Any pediatric dentist in Montclair, NJ, will tell you that there are certain foods that are riskier for children to consume than others. That’s why we’ve put together the following list of the top 4 cavity-causing foods for kids so that you can be aware of what to watch out for as a parent.


Is there any child in the world that doesn’t have an affinity for cookies? They are a snack that kids love to munch on. However, thanks to their high sugar content and starch content, they should be limited in your child’s diet. Starch and sugar can lead to high acid production by plaque in our mouths. Plaque leads to more cavities, so it’s best to regulate the number of cookies your kids consume.


Another common favorite for kids to snack on is chips. These are bad for kids because they are high in fat, but also because they are sticky and will stay in your child’s teeth for a long time period. Eventually, the starch breaks down into sugar within our mouths, so it makes sense to limit the number of chips your children are eating. If you think your kids might be dealing with a cavity, it’s best to take them to the pediatric dentist in Clifton, NJ, sooner rather than later.

   3.Fruit Snacks

This one might be tough to limit for your kid’s diets because every kid absolutely adores fruit snacks. They are fully-loaded with sugar though and get stuck in kid’s teeth very easily. That can lead to serious dental issues that you’d be better off avoiding. Fruit snacks can even stay in your kid’s mouth after they brush your teeth, which means their cavity causing problems will linger.


Not all cereals have high sugar contents but the majority of the ones that kids like do. Most cereals contain high levels of starch and sugars, which can definitely cause cavities for your kids. Reach out to the pediatric dentist in Verona, NJ, if you have more questions about certain cavity-causing foods your kids should avoid.

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