Preparing for your appointment:

Parents please review the guidelines below with your child.
1. Screening information will be sent 24 hours before your appointment and must be completed before arrival.
2. Please brush your teeth just before leaving home and use the bathroom. Our office bathroom will not be accessible to patients at this time.
3. If you have any orthodontic appliances, please make sure to bring them with you to the appointment.
4. When you arrive to your appointment time, please call 973-744-3127.
5. A staff member will review a few questions and direct you. We will measure the patientʼs temperature. If temperature is higher than 100 F, the appointment will need to be rescheduled.
6. Every patient must wear their own mask and own sunglasses to enter the building.
7. Once ready for the appointment, only the patient will be accompanied to the appointment room that has been sanitized and prepared. At this time, we will not be inviting parents or caregivers into treatment rooms, unless previously arranged.
8. All children must bring their own sunglasses or protective eye-wear.

Please review this video before your appointment:

Pandemic related measures:
  • The office has a new HVAC unit with 6 levels of filtration including HEPA and UV.
  • We have installed Jade Surgically Clean Air Units as an additional form of filtration.
  • We are limiting the number of individuals in the building and enforcing physical distancing.
  • The staff will be wearing additional protective equipment such as visors and surgical gowns. This is for patient safety and not in any way meant to intimidate the children.
  • We will be keeping appointments short. Physical distancing will be enforced to minimize contact.
  • We continue to clean and sanitize every room thoroughly using universal precautions. We appreciate your compliance and cooperation and we hope you understand that in an effort to comply with State guidelines, we may need to refuse OR reschedule